1C v8 - How to speed up the program

Today we will touch on one of the topics of working with 1C. This article will be of interest to both accountants and directors and IT specialists.

Many companies are faced with the fact that their 1C works slowly. Next, we will give a set of simple recommendations for the selection of equipment so that 1C works as quickly as possible.

Globally, there are two modes of operation of the 1C program:

  1. File mode (this is when your database is on your computer without SQL Server)
  2. Client-server mode (3 links are used - Client-> 1C: Enterprise Server-> SQL Server)

What you need to pay attention to when choosing equipment in different operating modes:

  1. File mode and database on one computer only:
    1. CPU - no matter how many cores. The clock frequency is important. The higher, the better.
    2. RAM - The volume is not critical (the main thing is to have enough, usually 4 GB is enough). But the clock frequency is VERY important. Today it is DDR
    3. HDD - affects some operations. Buy any SSD for the bases and it will already be significantly better. We recommend paying attention to the IOPS parameter. The rest of the parameters are not so important. 1C does a lot of tiny operations and does not transfer data in large streams.
  2. File mode and database used over the network (server requirements):
    1. CPU doesn't matter. Almost anyone. Even old processors will suffice. This mode of operation will not affect the CPU.
    2. RAM - no matter what the speed of RAM as a whole (the effect is minimal, although there is one). It is important how much RAM will be. It is important that there is enough RAM to cache disk operations.
    3. The network card and the network as a whole is a VERY important parameter in this mode! This is the bottleneck. Make sure that 100% of the workplaces are connected over the network at a speed of 1Gbps. Even if one computer is slow, everyone will suffer.
  3. Client-Server mode of operation:
    1. Set up and use the SharedMemory protocol.
    2. The server must meet the requirements specified in paragraph 1 as much as possible.
    3. The network can be very bad, and even the WAN (Internet) connection.
    4. Workplace (client). It is important which one, but the work of all employees will be minimally affected if the code is written in 1C correctly. But we recommend that you still try to use modern computers with high CPU and RAM clock speeds.

Let's make a reservation right away that these recommendations are very superficial and in each specific situation may not be exhaustive, and a number of more measures must be taken to bring the system into a working state. Such fine tuning is possible with a detailed study of a particular situation.

If this article helped you, please share the links.

If you need a survey and fine-tuning of work in your enterprise, our team will be happy to take on any difficult task and solve it!

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