6 ways to lose millions because of software: how not to become one of them?

In the era of digital transformation, software is becoming one of the company's key assets. But with the introduction of new solutions, questions often arise: how to choose the right license, not overpay for it, and at the same time not break the law? In this article we will look at typical mistakes of managers and methods for overcoming them.

1. Incorrect number of users

Mistake: When purchasing software, managers sometimes do not take into account the actual number of users, which can lead to unnecessary costs or, conversely, a lack of licenses.

Decision: Before purchasing, determine the exact number of licenses required. Conduct an audit of your IT department to understand how many employees will actually use the software.

2. Ignoring license expirations

Mistake: Managers often forget about the validity period of licenses, which can lead to their unexpected expiration.

Decision: Organize a license accounting system. This can be a simple Excel spreadsheet or specialized software.

3. Lack of control over updates

Mistake: Missing updates can not only lead to technical problems, but also legal risks.

Decision: Assign someone responsible for monitoring and installing updates.

4. Using pirated software

Mistake: Some companies try to save money by installing unlicensed software. This is a serious violation that can lead to fines and reputational losses, or simply downtime due to unexpected blocking of the software.

Decision: Use only licensed software. Conduct regular checks for the presence of pirated programs.

5. Inattention to the details of the license agreement

Mistake: Some managers ignore the details of the licensing agreement, which can lead to additional costs. For example, some applications are “Shareware”. As a rule, the license agreement for such software states that such software must be purchased from a commercial organization. A striking example is Total Commander. Or some programs collect some data from the workstations on which they are installed, for example punto switcher transfers all information entered on the keyboard (albeit anonymously) to the cloud storage and thus all your passwords become dictionary.

Decision: Please read the terms of the agreement carefully. If anything is unclear, consult a lawyer or IT specialist.

6. No license backup

Mistake: In case of technical problems or data loss, the company may be left without documents for the software.

Decision: Systematically back up all licenses and store them in a safe place.

Proper software licensing not only helps to avoid legal risks, but also saves the company's budget. By following simple guidelines, you can minimize errors and ensure efficient use of IT resources.

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