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The System Administrator company has been dynamically developing since 2007 and has considerable experience in the field of computer business. A well-coordinated team and a high level of knowledge of each employee are the basis for quality customer service. All employees of the company undergo training and take exams every six months to confirm their qualifications. 70% of employees are Microsoft and Cisco certified specialists. This allows us to most effectively solve the whole range of tasks that arise during the implementation of projects. System Administrator Company provides installation of IP-telephony and IP-video surveillance, IT-outsourcing, IT-consulting, supply of computers and components, design of information infrastructure of enterprises, installation of Structured Cabling Network (SCS). Cooperation with several major partners allows us, in addition to technical assistance, to offer the same services for renting software, installing and configuring 1C, as well as services for placing your equipment in our Data Center. In our work, we rely on the ITIL library, and to ensure ITIL regulations, we use the Itilium system software package, which allows us to quickly monitor the quality of our employees' work. Everything is transparent with us, and every month we provide our clients with a detailed report on the work performed.

Main directions

The activity of the "System Administrator" company is aimed primarily at comprehensive services for enterprises and organizations of various sizes, from small commercial to large budget ones. For us, each client is special, we are always ready to meet your needs and offer the best solution for you and your business. Comprehensive IT service provides you with the help of our specialists 24/7. Server maintenance, office equipment maintenance, staff consultations, selection of equipment on request, data recovery, backups - all this is available at any time to our regular customers. VoIP (IP-telephony), Co-Location, dedicated virtual server (VPS), video surveillance, 1C support, WEB site development and SEO optimization/promotion are additional services for our clients, but can also be provided to you as one-time services. The main distinguishing feature of our company is precisely the ability to replace a whole staff of technicians, system administrators, installers, tuners, programmers and computer masters in order to satisfy the need in the IT field to the maximum extent.

Additional features

Thanks to an agreement with a 1C company partner, we can not only maintain 1C products, but also help purchase and install the selected product. And the 1C programmer and accountant consultant available in our staff will help you set up the program and train your employees.

The System Administrator company is a partner of a large Moscow Data Center. By placing your equipment with us, you get round-the-clock support from our specialists and a high level of security for your information.


Our management is always open and available for communication with you. Call 8-800-200-71-21 and our operators will connect you with the head of any service. Cooperation with us means reliability, stability and efficiency. We will help you to use modern IT technologies at 100%.

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