VM replication on Hyper-V dies

Replication Hyper-V Error

Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology is one of the most common solutions for creating and managing virtual machines (hereinafter referred to as VM). However, sometimes there are problems with VM replication in Hyper-V. This may lead… Read More

DFS Replication (DFSR)

In this article, we will talk a little about a very simple and necessary mechanism in every small company today. This, of course, is the "Distributed File System" (DFS) and the "Distributed File Replication Service ... Read More

Hyper-V Replication

In this article, we will briefly talk about the Hyper-V replication mechanism with built-in tools. Unfortunately, for some reason, this mechanism is extremely rarely used by someone and instead they steal “buy” products such as Veeam Backup, but ... Read More

PRTG - sensor for MANGO OFFICE

There are never too many sensors! We share another sensor that will be useful to many - this is a sensor for receiving data through the "API Connector" of the "MANGO OFFICE" provider!Download the sensor from GitHub

PRTG - sensor for TrueConf


A long-awaited addition to the PRTG sensor pool is a sensor for TrueConf that uses the Server API to collect information (only available in a paid license). Download sensor from GitHub

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