FANVIL in Russia

Do you have VoIP? We will solve an unsolvable problem for you!

We had to deal with FANVIL VoIP phones here. In general, not a bad company, but when trying to find technical support in the Russian Federation, it turned out that the site the feedback form is not working. And the phone number of Fanvil representatives is not indicated anywhere.
After several hours of searching, I found out:

  1. The representative of Fanvil in Russia is the company WIMCOM
  2. The employee who gave a good answer to our questions turned out to be not very easily accessible (always out of place), and other employees answered very poorly and the first three rings were simply dropped. On the fourth attempt, an unqualified employee answered me - “We can’t help anything.”

And the question was just simply - "How to get a new firmware version for the C58 device." For version 2.3 was uploaded at the factory, and on the website there is 2.5 but only with English and Chinese. As a result, thanks to personal Alexander (internal 4797) who sent the firmware to fanvil C58 (P) 2.5.375.66

The device was successfully updated and good support for the Russian language appeared!

3 comments on “FANVIL in Russia”

  1. And again FANVIL… We have about a hundred FANVIL BW210 devices… And the firmware / firmware is already V1.7.86.70 in them. I tried searching on the fanvil website and of course found nothing. Useful on google and also the result is the same sad. As a result, he again turned to Alexander and he again kindly sent the firmware! For which HUGE thanks!
    Download firmware for Fanvil BW210 here:

    • Thanks for the provided firmware. There is one moment in the new version. If you press the hold button. The display will show h.323, calls will not be accepted. The subscriber is immediately unavailable. Is it so intended?

      • To be honest, I have already heard about this moment, but have not personally encountered it yet. I think it's better to ask a question to technical support and, in my experience, it's better to contact Alexander (contacts in the topic). FANVIL's native tech support is missing as a class...

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