Description of VPS services



Disk space, megabytes For any VPS, one disk of 50 GB is allocated. If it is necessary to change the size of the disk, the Customer makes a request to increase this disk or to create a new one, indicating how many megabytes it is necessary to increase the existing one or what size a new one should be created.
Трафик The amount of information transmitted per unit of time from the Customer's VPS and to the Customer's VPS.
Daily backup A backup copy is an instant copy of data on a medium (hard disk, floppy disk, etc.), designed to restore data to its original location in case of damage or destruction. Backup copies are created at the request of the customer.
Access protocols The RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) protocol is used as the main and only protocol for accessing a virtual Windows server after the standard configuration by the Executor. The SSH protocol (Secure Shell) is used as the main and only protocol for accessing the virtual Linux (openSUSE) to the server after standard configuration by the Contractor.


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