Regulation No. 1-6 "Support for 1C products"

1. General.

1.1. The Contractor provides services to the Customer, who has concluded a Service Agreement with the Contractor. The service is provided on the basis of the Request submitted by the Customer.

1.2. All information provided by the Customer when concluding an agreement with the Contractor must be reliable. If the Customer provides false information, the Contractor has the right to refuse the Customer to provide services. The Contractor, in case of doubts about the reliability of the data provided by the Customer, has the right to request additional information and (or) require confirmation of the provided information during the entire term of the contract. The request is sent to the Customer to the contact address of his e-mail. If the Customer does not provide additional information and (or) does not confirm the previously provided data within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the moment the Contractor sends the first request, the Contractor has the right to:

1.2.1. reject the Customer's application for a new service;
1.2.2. suspend the provision of services to the Customer (block services);

All of these restrictions can be removed within 3 (three) business days from the moment the Customer submits the requested information. In case of failure to provide the required information within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the moment the Contractor sends the first request, the Customer's services may be canceled.

1.3. The Customer and the Contractor recognize the legal force of notifications and messages sent by the Contractor to the Customer at the e-mail addresses indicated by him in the contract and other documents. Such notices and messages are equated to messages and notices executed in a simple written form sent by the Contractor to the Customer's postal addresses. The Contractor and the Customer, in the event of any disagreement regarding the facts of sending, receiving messages, the time of their sending and content, agreed to consider the evidence of the Contractor's archival service reliable and final for resolving disagreements between the indicated persons.

1.4. The customer undertakes to comply with the requirements of the document "Terms of Service”, published on the web-server of the Contractor. The Customer agrees that he may be affected by the consequences of actions taken by the Contractor to prevent the negative consequences of the activities of third parties that disrupt the functioning of the Contractor's service delivery system. At the same time, the Contractor in his actions is guided by the provisions of the document "Terms of Use of Services" and guarantees the Customer to minimize such negative consequences.

1.5. As part of the provision of the “1C Products Support” service, the Contractor provides, in the form of a comprehensive service or in the form of one-time works, services for the installation and maintenance of the 1C software package.

1.6. The Contractor has the right to change the provisions of these regulations. The changes come into force 30 days after they are published on the Contractor's website.

 2. Procedure for ordering a service.

2.1. The basis for the performance of work is the request of the Customer sent via the Communication Channels in the manner prescribed by these regulations. The time of acceptance of such a request is the time of its receipt by the Contractor. The time spent by the Contractor on the road to the Customer is taken into account as the time spent on solving the problem, but is not taken into account in the response time.

2.2. Only a registered Customer can order the service and only by sending an application from a registered e-mail address to the address

3. Procedure for the provision of services.

3.1. The customer is obliged to formulate the request in as much detail as possible with the provision screenshots, a detailed description of the procedure, etc.

3.2. At the request of an employee of the Contractor, the Customer is obliged to provide access to his computer using the program TeamViewer . At the same time, the time spent explaining to the Customer's employee how to download this program and how to install it is taken into account as the time for the provision of the service.

3.3. The speed of the program on the customer's computer should be maximum, since all the time spent waiting for the execution of operations on the customer's computer is taken into account in the time spent on the call.
3.4. The service is provided in two ways:

3.4.1. By email. An employee of the Contractor may refuse to consult if the question is not formulated correctly according to the understanding of the employee of the Contractor, and for a correct answer it is necessary to have a connection to the workplace of the Customer's user.

3.4.2. Through a telephone conversation in parallel with the connection to the workplace of the Customer's employee using the program TeamViewer.

3.5. Depending on the current needs of the Customer, the Contractor provides the 1C Support Line service in two formats:

  • The first line of 1C support involves the support of a 1C consultant, including an accountant-specialist in 1C.
  • The second line of 1C support involves advice and assistance from a 1C programmer.

If in the process of providing the service it turns out that the Customer has a problem due to the fact that there is an error in Configurations, in the Customer's equipment, in the database structure, then the Contractor's employee informs the Customer's employee that in order to solve this problem, the request must be transferred to the second support line. It means that:

3.5.1. The service has been provided, and further correction requires the intervention of 1C programmers or equipment specialists, or engineers of a different type, which, as a result, entails an increase in the cost of solving the problem.

3.5.2. The 1C Support Line service has been completed, and the Customer is obliged to pay for it even if the problem is not completely eliminated.

3.5.3. The customer has the right to agree or not to agree to the transfer of the appeal to the second line of support. The work performed by the second line of support may be paid or free of charge, depending on the concluded contracts for subscription services, of which the Customer will be notified before starting any work on the second line of support.

3.6. In the event of a complex issue that requires consultations of the Contractor's specialist with the developers or methodologists of 1C, the answer will be given after some time has passed (in a way convenient for you: telephone, fax, e-mail) based on the explanations received from them. At the same time, the time spent on obtaining consultations in the 1C company is not paid by the Customer.

3.7. An employee of the Contractor has the right to respond in writing by e-mail. If the answer completely satisfied the Customer, then the appeal is considered completed and is paid by the Customer based on the time spent 1/2 hour (30 minutes). If the Contractor's written response did not satisfy the Customer, and the Contractor's employee contacted the Customer by phone, the first 1/2 hour (30 minutes) are counted starting from the first minute of the phone conversation, regardless of how much the Contractor spent on e-mail correspondence.

4. Standards for the provision of services.

4.1. For the "1C Support Line" service, the value of the "Response time" parameter is set to 30 minutes. This means that the Contractor's employee receives a period of no more than 30 minutes to fulfill the Customer's request.

4.2. The decision time within the framework of the 1C Support Line service is not defined. This means that the Customer's employee himself determines the period of time and parameters of his own satisfaction with the quality of the service. If the Customer suspects that the Contractor's employee is delaying the decision time, then he has the right to interrupt the provision of services and inform the Contractor's management about the improper performance of consulting services, or take other measures to reduce the decision time.

4.3. When several questions are received from one Customer at the same time, answers to questions are prepared sequentially.

5. Procedure for payment for the service.

5.1. The order of the service is the Customer's consent to pay for the service at the prices valid on the day the order starts to be executed.

5.2. Description tariffs и services services is published on the Contractor's web-server, as well as the cost of the Contractor's services is determined in the Service Agreement.

5.3. After the request is closed by the Customer, or automatically closed, an invoice is issued for the services rendered.

5.4. Payment of the invoice is made within 10 (ten) days after its issuance.

6. Dispute resolution.

6.1. In the event of disputes, the parties are obliged to notify each other and through negotiations using the recording of telephone conversations, the archive of e-mail correspondence, recorded sessions in the TeamViewer program, try to find a compromise.

7. Other conditions.

7. 1. The service is consulting, the final decision on the issue is made by the client independently.
7.2. Issues resolved within the framework of this service relate only to the aspect of the rules for using standard mechanisms in the Configuration to reflect correct (from the point of view of legislation) operations (issues of interpretation of the tax code and other issues do not apply to this service).

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