Terms and definitions

The terms and definitions used in this Appendix are understood and interpreted in accordance with their presentation in the Agreement, including this Appendix, as well as in accordance with the current legislation, regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, terms and definitions used in business circulation for similar services:

Customer — a legal or natural person that has entered into an agreement for Services and / or Products with the Contractor.

Executor — Limited Liability Company "System Administrator"

Hand — The Contractor and the Customer have entered into an agreement.

ON - Software.

CU (Configuration Unit) – Equipment, software and hardware complex, workplace, Customer’s employee, Software and / or other objects taken by the Contractor for maintenance under this Agreement.

Emergency situation – inaccessibility KE or Servicescaused by malfunction KE, engineering systems and / or infrastructure of the Customer, or its counterparties, including unauthorized adverse impacts on these facilities.

Support Request (Request) - This is a separate issue for which the user needed support. A separate problem is one that cannot be subdivided into lower-level problems. If possible, then each "subordinate" problem should be treated as a separate request. The time spent on finding a solution to the problem does not affect the amount charged for a request to the Contractor.

Link means the means of communication between the Parties. Types of Communication Channels:

  1. The e-mail addresses of the Parties specified in the agreement.
  2. Phones of the Parties specified in the contract.
  3. A paper letter or fax sent to the details of the Parties.

Incident — an event caused by apparent or perceived unavailability KE customer for one reason or another.

LAN - Local computing network. Includes passive equipment (such as cabling, telecom cabinets, etc.) and active network equipment (such as Switch, Routers, power supplies, etc.)

SLA (Service Layer Agreement) – (Service Level Agreement). Appendix to the contract describing the level of quality of the services provided, the list of services provided, the amount of the monthly payment, the payment procedure and other conditions. Signed separately from the main contract.

duty specialist - specialist who responded Treatment by official communication channels. Responsible for the appeal is appointed by the specialist on duty.

Treatment – Customer's message about Incident, is accepted according to Official communication channels. Upon registration of the application Customer a notification is sent to the e-mail address (if indicated in the appeal).

Planned maintenance work - a set of preventive maintenance to maintain good condition Configuration Units Customer.

Appeal decision - provision to the customerThe solution”, the requested information, consultations, recommendations for updating the software and other results of the services on the appeal.

The solution — providing a solution that restores the health and / or functionality of software and / or equipment to a healthy level. The solution can be either a workaround (temporary) or permanent.

Reaction time - the period between the moment of sending a notification to the Customer about the acceptance of the Application and the moment the Contractor begins to search for a solution on this Application. Notification of the beginning of the search for a solution will be sent to the e-mail address (if indicated in the appeal).

lead time - the period between the moment of the beginning of the search for a solution on the Appeal and the moment "Appeal Solutions». The total execution time does not include the time during which the Customer suspended the execution of the Application at his own request or further execution depends on the actions of the Customer. At the time of suspension of execution at the request of the Customer, a notification is sent to the e-mail address (if indicated in the appeal) of the Customer. Also, at the time of removal from the suspended state, a notification is sent to the e-mail address (if indicated in the appeal).

Reporting period - one full or incomplete calendar month.

List of persons entitled to apply – The list of persons, from the side of the Customer, who have the right to submit treatment Contractor. This list entitles persons to apply for all services and for all services, unless otherwise stated in this list. This list must contain a working E-Mail and a mobile phone number to be able to identify the contacting person on the part of the Contractor or other data that makes it possible to identify. The specified E-Mails will be entered into the internal database of the Contractor and when sent from these E-Mails to the address support@sys-admin.su they will be automatically registered in the Contractor's database.

"System Administrator" servicemeans

  • information, consulting and technical support of the Customer on the issues of setting up and maintaining software, equipment, provided during Service Hours by e-mail based on requests registered by the Contractor.
  • carrying out work on setting up, repairing, optimizing and preventing the Customer's equipment being serviced by the Contractor.

Working hours (Working hours) time from Monday to Friday inclusive, from 8:00 to 19:00 Moscow time, except for weekends and holidays established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Service support time - The period of time in which the Contractor provides Services to the Customer.

Service delivery time - The period of time in which the Contractor provides the Customer with the technical ability to access the Services.

Services) - This is a software and / or hardware complex.

Official communication channels — types of communication specified in the Agreement (telephone, E-Mail, etc.).

Metrics is a quantitative parameter determined by the Contractor to assess the quality of services provided.

priority - a concept showing the degree of importance of the Customer's Appeal.

QoS (Quality of Service - quality of services provided) - a set of parameters that determine the quality of the provision of Services.

WEB- Executor's server - the official website of the Contractor, located at http://www.sys-admin.su on the Internet. On the WEB-server of the Contractor, the Customer is provided around the clock and free of charge, including the information necessary for the conclusion and execution Contracts, all official documents of the Contractor are published, etc.

Personal account - accounting data in the Contractor's system on payment by the Customer for the consumed Services, as well as on payment for the ordered Products.

Technological platform - specialized premises that house server and network equipment and provide equipment placement services.

1 unit (1U) - unit of measure for the height of the equipment, equal to 44,45 mm.

Service VPS (setting VPS) — setting up by the Contractor of its resources, ensuring the possibility of their work as a VPS of the Customer. The VPS service is provided by the Contractor to the Customer on the basis of these Regulations, in accordance with the service parameters selected by the Customer.

Service duration VPS (validity of settings VPS) - the period of time during which the resource settings made by the Contractor are saved, ensuring the possibility of their work as the Customer's VPS. The validity period of the service is selected by the Customer from the list established by the Contractor when ordering or renewing the service. The validity period of the service can be extended at the request of the Customer in the manner prescribed by the Service Regulations.

Rate - a set of services provided by the Contractor to the Customer under the contract, their quantitative and qualitative characteristics.

Parameters Services - tariff, expiration date.

Service order - the Customer's appeal to the Contractor in the form established by the Contractor, containing all the necessary information to provide the service, or extend its validity, as well as to change the previously provided information.

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