Need a translator Turkish-Russian with knowledge of IT (computer networks)

We ask for help in finding a translator for the Turkish-Russian pair. We will be very grateful for the dissemination of information.

Happened to our clientTrest RosSpetsEnergomontazh» opening of a branch in Turkey (Akkuyu NPP). We were connected to the Internet there by local representatives of Turk Telecom, we put an ADSL modem (a kind of TP-Link). On this ADSL modem, on the external (WAN) port, an IP address is issued (as we asked) real (routed in the Internet global network) and static. But we asked that such an IP be not on their router, but on our Microtik. We tried to negotiate through a local translator. The dialogue went something like this:

We: - "We need an external (routable ....) IP address on our router, not on yours."
Turk Telecom (TT): -“Well, you can set up any IP address on your router.
We: - "Anyone can not because it will not be routed!".
TT: -"We don't understand what you want from us."

Local IT specialists (ASE employees) assure that there are two problems:
1. There are really illiterate people
2. They don't want to do anything other than what they have written down on paper.

And he added when talking with them, imagine that you are in a village somewhere in the Amur region. There is no government for them and they don’t care and there are no literate people, because in fact we are in a copper village.

Based on this, we are looking for someone who could come to an agreement with these citizens so that they would still find a way to provide us with the service we need, and not as they are used to connecting people in their homes. There are two solutions:

1. Turn on the Bridge mode in the ADSL modem and tell us the login password from the PPPoE session. Then I will set up PPPoE on our Microtik and everything will take off. But not the best solution, because PPPoE still drops with enviable frequency and does not rise until you restart Microtik by power.
2. Disable NAT in the ADSL modem. Issue to the customer (by letter or without) an IP network with a mask of 30 bit. Set up one from this network on the LAN interface and tell us (write) what IP is left for us (we ourselves will not guess), as well as tell us the provider's DNS server that we should use. As a result, we should get something:

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