Service "First line of support for 1C products" (1 hour)

3 500,00 RUB

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Before ordering a service, please read regulations service


Our service includes consulting services for working with the 1C software product in its standard configuration. Our team of experts is ready to help you find the best solutions for your operations, reporting, data error detection and correction, and reporting.

We offer the following types of work:

Learning the functionality of the standard 1C configuration: Our experts will help you master the main functions of the program and teach you how to use its capabilities effectively.

Initial configuration: We will help you configure the program to suit your specific needs and tasks.

Search and elimination of accounting errors: Our specialists will help you to detect and correct any errors that occur when maintaining accounting in the 1C program.

Customization of reports: We will provide you with detailed advice and assistance in creating reports that will display the information you need.

Advice and support in the preparation of regulatory reporting: We will provide you with assistance and advice on the process of preparing reports that comply with the requirements of the law.

Our services do not include the following types of work:

Programming: We do not provide services for creating or modifying program code.

Correction of errors in the configuration: We will offer you a solution or a workaround strategy to resolve the error, but we will not make changes to the configuration of the program itself.

Configuration Upgrade: We do not provide software configuration upgrades or related services.

Development of terms of reference for revision: It is possible to perform this service, but a preliminary agreement with the contractor is required.

Other types of services related to non-standard configurations, programming in 1C or setting up equipment and software necessary for the operation of the 1C program (for example, Windows Server, SQL Server, 1C: Enterprise Server, Windows Prof, printers, servers, etc.) .

If you need a service that we have not listed or you cannot determine, please contact us at the phone number or email indicated on our website.

We are ready to provide you with professional advice and assistance in using the 1C program to simplify accounting and increase the efficiency of your business.


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Consultant 1C
Service "First line of support for 1C products" (1 hour)
3 500,00 RUB
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