IP video surveillance

34 800,00 RUB

As part of this service, we will perform the calculation of a video surveillance project system in which:

  • Video recorder — 1 pc.
  • IP cameras — 8 pcs.

The project provides a calculation of the cost of the project as a whole, including installation and commissioning.

If necessary, calculate a larger project and specify the project parameters below. The final cost will be calculated after receiving the formulated task in the process of negotiations and approvals.

Available for pre-order

Parameters of IP video surveillance

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IP video surveillance is a modern surveillance system based on the use of network cameras and video stream transmission over IP networks. It offers many advantages over analog video surveillance systems. Here are some of them:

IP cameras provide high resolution and image clarity. They are able to record details with a high degree of detail, which makes the identification of objects and faces more reliable.

IP video surveillance allows you to connect a large number of cameras to the network, which is necessary for complete coverage of the object. It's also easy to add new cameras or expand the system as needed. This makes IP video surveillance an ideal solution for a wide range of surveillance sites.

IP cameras allow remote access to the video stream via the Internet. This means that you can view video from anywhere with internet access in real time. Remote access is especially useful for business owners or homeowners who want to stay up to date on their properties when they are away.

IP video surveillance usually has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage the system. You can set up recording settings, view archived video, control cameras, and more using the intuitive software.

IP cameras often have various intelligent features such as behavior analysis, face detection, motion detection, etc. These features allow you to automatically detect and respond to certain events, simplifying the monitoring process and providing additional security.

IP video surveillance can be easily integrated with other security systems such as access control systems, incident notification systems, etc. This allows you to create a single security system that effectively communicates and exchanges information between various components.

IP video surveillance can be more cost effective in the long run. Compared to analog systems, it requires less cabling due to the use of network cables for data and power. It also simplifies system installation and maintenance, which can save time and resources.

IP video surveillance

IP video surveillance is a modern and effective solution for security and surveillance of objects. It combines high image quality, flexibility, ease of use and a host of smart features, making it the preferred choice for many businesses and individuals.


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IP video surveillance
IP video surveillance
34 800,00 RUB
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