Setting IP ATC FreePBX

We offer professional IP PBX setup based on FreePBX, allowing customers to use a flexible and scalable solution for their business. 


Our company has extensive experience since 2005 in setting up both virtual VoIP PBXs hosted on our technical site and installing FreePBX on customer servers.

Advantage in Accommodation confidentiality Protection

We post it on your or our site

We offer two options for placing an IP PBX. A virtual PBX hosted on our site allows clients to avoid the need to own and maintain their own equipment. This saves time and reduces maintenance costs. Alternatively, we can install a PBX on the customer's servers, which ensures full control and data security.

Increased confidentiality and protection of business information

When using your own PBX, all internal conversations between internal numbers remain closed from communication providers. This provides increased confidentiality and protection of business information from unwanted access by third parties.

Protection from competitors

Using a provider's AI to analyze internal conversations can lead to the collection of information about business strategies, development plans, prices and other sensitive details. This may open up opportunities for competitors to conduct analysis and use the resulting knowledge to their advantage.

Service and its configuration

Complex service "IT-Outsourcing"

10 000,00 RUB

Available for pre-order

Complex: Server OS

Windows Server and/or Linux

(50 000,00 RUB)
(0,00 RUB)

Complex: Printers/Plotters/Scanners

(70 000,00 RUB)
(0,00 RUB)

Complex: ARMs

Support for user computers (system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse)

(0,00 RUB)

Complex: software 1C-Soft

(0,00 RUB)

Complex: Departure

The service involves the performer's visits to the customer's territory by a specialist of the 1st line of support

(285 000,00 RUB)
(0,00 RUB)

Complex: user requests

(0,00 RUB)

(0,00 RUB)

Optimized and accelerated the processes of many companies

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The company successfully implemented IP-PBX to consolidate communications between various offices and departments. The introduction of the system led to a reduction in communication costs and also increased the flexibility and mobility of employees. The ability to forward calls and configure desktops from one interface simplifies management and improves productivity.

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The company implemented IP-PBX to optimize the processing of customer calls and manage communications with suppliers. - As a result, call response time was reduced by 30%, which increased customer satisfaction and staff efficiency. - The system also made it possible to manage multiple stores from a single interface, which simplified the control and coordination of operations.

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IP-ATC automated the accounting and control of goods, avoiding shortages or overproduction of goods. It simplified ordering new toys and analyzing sales data. As a result, the store was able to more effectively manage its inventory, identify popular products, and develop successful marketing strategies.


With the help of IP-PBX, the store's inventory and inventory control has improved, allowing it to avoid stockouts or overstocks. Rapid analysis of sales data and customer preferences using IP PBX helped develop targeted marketing campaigns and offer personalized recommendations. The introduction of IP-PBX also simplified the accounting of returns and increased the level of customer service.

Basic Services

How will the work work?


Ordering and purchasing IP-PBX based on FreePBX


 The customer places an order and pays for it.

 Consultation and clarification of details are provided. 


Installing FreePBX on a server


Download the latest version of FreePBX from the official website.

FreePBX is being installed on the server.


Setting of basic parameters


The time zone is configured and the administrator password is updated.

Network interfaces for communication with IP-PBX are configured. 


Adding and configuring SIP trunks


Add and configure SIP trunks to connect to VoIP service providers or other PBXs.

Provide the required connection information.


Creating extensions and queues


Creating internal numbers and queues:

Extension numbers are created and queues are configured to process incoming calls.


Configuration of voice messages and IVR


 Voice messages such as greeting, voicemail and IVR are created.

 Setting up IVR for client navigation.


Testing and setting up additional functions


All IP-PBX functions are tested, including incoming and outgoing calls.

Additional features such as music on hold, call recording and reporting can be configured.


Using IP-PBX allows you to reduce costs for landline telephony, since all communications are carried out via the Internet.


IP telephony provides flexibility in call management and integration with other systems such as CRM or ERP.


IP-PBX easily scales with business growth, allowing you to increase the number of users and functions without significant capital expenditure.


What is IP-PBX Freepbx?

Freepbx is a free automated telephone exchange system that operates over Internet Protocol (IP). It allows companies to organize communication between employees, as well as with clients and partners, using the Internet.

What are the advantages of using Freepbx IP-PBX over traditional telephone exchanges?

IP-PBX Freepbx provides a number of advantages, such as: cost-effectiveness, flexibility, availability, scalability, high quality communication and the ability to integrate with other Internet services.

What are the main features available in Freepbx IP-PBX?

The main functions of Freepbx include: internal communication, call forwarding, voice mail, integration with CRM systems, call recording and much more.

How is IP-PBX Freepbx configured in an enterprise?

FreePBX is configured by specialists who install and configure the equipment, as well as program the system in accordance with customer requirements. They also train company employees to use the system.

Can I update or change Freepbx IP-PBX settings after setup?

Yes, you can. Freepbx is open source, so you can change and update the system as needed. However, this may require certain programming knowledge and skills.

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The System Administrator company has been developing dynamically since 2007 and has significant experience in the computer business. A well-coordinated team and a high level of knowledge of each employee are the basis for quality customer service. All company employees undergo training and take exams every six months to confirm their qualifications.

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Complex service "IT-Outsourcing"
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