"System Administrator" service

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Expert remote service for IT hardware and software using advanced technologies, provided by our team of highly qualified IT professionals, pushes the boundaries of your business. We are ready to offer you a completely new level of service, providing fast and efficient access to your systems and equipment via the Internet.
System administrators of our company have all the necessary knowledge and qualifications to work with various types of IT equipment and software. We specialize in servicing both foreign and Russian equipment and software, including a wide range of popular Russian brands and software. Our team has experience working with such manufacturers as Astra Linux, Kaspersky Lab, Doctor Web, 1C-Soft, ABSOLUT-SOFT, Elvis Plus and many others. With advanced tools such as TeamViewer, our experts can establish a remote connection to your computer or equipment via the Internet, providing quick diagnostics, configuration and troubleshooting. We guarantee the security of data transmission and strict adherence to confidentiality. Our system administration team is ready to offer a wide range of services, including installing and configuring operating systems, managing network settings, updating software, remote user support, as well as data recovery and backup. With our deep understanding of the Russian IT market and local requirements, we can provide the perfect combination of expert service and attention to detail to meet all your needs and keep your IT equipment running flawlessly. By choosing our remote IT service, you have a trusted partner to keep your systems and equipment running efficiently and securely, freeing you from the complexity of IT and allowing you to focus on growing your business.
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"System Administrator" service
5 800,00 RUB
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