Rent a dedicated physical server (Dedicated server) Dell R730

14 200,00 RUB

Basic configuration:

  • Dell PowerEdge R730 Platform
  • CPU: Interl(R) Xeon(R) E5-2643 v4 * 1
  • RAM: DDR4 64Gb 2400MHz*1
  • Disc Basket: 24SFF
  • SSD: no
  • HDD: none
  • RAID controller: PERC H730mini
  • LAN: 1 Gbe 2 port
  • Management: iDARC 8 Enterprise

Deducated server options

(850,00 RUB)

(0,00 RUB)

(0,00 RUB)


Dedicated - Fully dedicated server service based on DELL PowerEdge R730

Service Description: Dedicated is a fully dedicated server service based on the powerful and reliable DELL PowerEdge R730. This server has high performance and a variety of features to meet the needs of the most demanding tasks.

Main characteristics of DELL PowerEdge R730:

  1. Processors: The DELL PowerEdge R730 can be equipped with two multi-core processors that support the latest technologies and provide high performance in multitasking scenarios.
  2. Memory: The server supports a large amount of RAM, which makes it possible to run and run resource-intensive applications.
  3. Storage: The DELL PowerEdge R730 has a high storage capacity and provides the ability to use various types of storage such as HDDs or SSDs to meet data access capacity and speed requirements.
  4. Network Capabilities: The server provides high-speed network connectivity for efficient data transfer and reliable connectivity to external resources.
  5. Management and monitoring: DELL PowerEdge R730 has a variety of tools for managing and monitoring the server, which allows you to quickly respond to emerging problems and optimize server performance.

Advantages of the Dedicated service on the DELL PowerEdge R730 server:

  1. Full Dedicated: You get full access to server resources without having to share them with other users.
  2. Powerful Performance: The DELL PowerEdge R730 has powerful performance to handle complex tasks and process large amounts of data.
  3. Customization flexibility: You can customize the server according to your requirements and individual needs by installing the necessary programs and operating systems.
  4. Reliability: The DELL PowerEdge R730 is a reliable server that provides a high level of availability and data protection.
  5. Technical support: The technical support team provides assistance in installing, configuring and maintaining the server, and is also ready to answer any questions and solve problems that arise.

The Dedicated service on the DELL PowerEdge R730 server is ideal for enterprises and organizations that need a powerful and reliable server with guaranteed resources for storage, task processing and network high availability.


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Dell PowerEdge R730
Rent a dedicated physical server (Dedicated server) Dell R730
14 200,00 RUB
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