Promotion! Website for 10000 rubles.

In the period from April 20 to April 30, 2015, you can order the production of a website from us for 10000-00 rubles!

In order to get a site for a promotion, you need to pay for the development of the site within the specified period.

For the specified amount, you get a business card site (up to 10 pages) without an individual design, but taking into account your wishes for design. The texts on the pages will be prepared by us for a fee, or you will provide your own, but we include the correction of the texts in the specified amount and form the design of the text.

If you decide to get a site for a promotion, then:

  1. Download questionnaire for creating a business card site and fill it out.
  2. Send it to us completed.
  3. Pay 10000-00 rubles for our details indicating in the purpose of the payment "Payment for a share site for 10000-00 rubles."

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