The fastest 1C hosting with us

Our company provides the fastest 1C hosting. This is achieved thanks to the top-end Dell PowerEdge R730 server equipped with DDR4 memory, an Intel Xeon processor, and a RAID array assembled from the highest-performance SSDs (90000 ... Read More

New Dell server optimized for 1C

The next stage of development has been successfully completed. In March of this year, we purchased the first super-efficient server. Due to the balance of price / quality, we settled on Dell (we wanted HP, but it was too expensive). At first … Read More

Communication problems

Good afternoon On May 18, in the period from 16.10 to 17.06, the company's data center had communication problems associated with an abnormal excess of traffic on our channel-forming equipment. At the moment the problem is... Read More

Power outage in Data-Center

In connection with the planned work, Mosenergo de-energizes our Data-Center from 8/01.04.2015/XNUMX XNUMX am until the end of the work. We apologize. In connection with the increased frequency of planned work by Mosenergo, we are planning ... Read More

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