Testing of mini PBX "TELLUS" is completed

TELLUS — IP-PBX is the best solution for small and medium businesses! Our specialists completed a full-scale testing of unique equipment in the world - IP ATC "TELLUS" from the Russian manufacturer of the company "emzior» which combines:
  1. Router
    • WiFi access point in two bands (2,4 and 5 GHz)
    • 4 Ethernet ports
    • Built-in intelligent firewall
  2. IP PBX
    • IVR/DISA voice menu
    • Call recording
    • DECT base
    • Built-in two FXS ports
    • Built-in one FXO port
    • Support for any additional IP equipment
  3. Corporate file storage
Previously, we tested the previous version of the equipment, but it constantly crashed. After receiving a new version of the equipment, kindly provided by the developer company, we were able to conduct a test operation, during which not a single defect was identified both in the hardware and in the firmware. Based on this equipment, we offer a turnkey solution for your business. What benefits will you get:
  1. Standardization and unificationTo increase fault tolerance, you can purchase redundant equipment and in the event of a failure of the main one, it will be enough to spend 15 minutes to download the configuration file to the new equipment. And a working PBX is in your hands!
  2. All in oneYou do not need to buy separately a router, WiFi access point, file storage, FXS and FXO gateways. You get everything for one price.
  3. Easy to set upIf you need to make changes to the settings, you do not need to have programming skills in bash or go into configuration files. Almost any head of the company will be able to independently make changes to an already configured PBX (setting up from scratch still requires a basic understanding of what IP telephony is, but nothing more).
  4. ReliabilityThe equipment calmly relates to an unexpected loss of power supply, unlike a PBX based on personal computers.

Haven't purchased TELLUS yet? Contact us! We will make both delivery and setup with a guarantee or we will set up your TELLUS!


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