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Our company provides the fastest 1C hosting. This is achieved thanks to the top-end Dell PowerEdge R730 server equipped with DDR4 memory, an Intel Xeon processor, and a RAID array assembled from the highest performance SSDs (90000 IOPS for reading and writing). In addition to the incredible speed, we guarantee our customers the reliability of information storage. This is achieved by duplicating virtual machines on redundant servers. Even if one of the servers fails, our customers will not experience any problems related to data loss or temporary unavailability of the virtual machine. If you are the head of a company that requires work on 1C and you are not satisfied with the speed of 1C and have no desire to buy a server for one million rubles (or even more), contact us! We will provide you with a virtual machine on such a server and you will not have to maintain your own equipment, and we will take care of all the work related to technical support! We are ready to provide a trial period for you to evaluate the quality of our services and equipment.

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