The secret to the effectiveness of any company is ITAM!

For modern businesses, IT assets are not just tools, they are vital resources, the effectiveness of which determines the success of the entire company. In this article, we’ll look at what ITAM is, its advantages, and why every manager should pay attention to it.

What is ITAM?

IT asset management system (ITAM, Information Technology Asset Management) is a set of processes and techniques aimed at effective management and control of IT assets within the company.

ITAM advantages:

Saving financial resources — with the help of ITAM you can easily determine which resources are used 100% and which remain unclaimed. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary investments and optimize current costs.

Increase Productivity — knowing which assets are available and operating at their maximum, you can quickly respond to changing business needs, speeding up work processes.

Compliance with license agreements — ITAM automatically monitors all software, which significantly reduces the risk of license violations and fines.

Forecasting and planning — based on ITAM data, managers can more accurately predict future investments and plan budgets.

Case studies:

Company "A" - a medium-sized business with an office in Moscow. After implementing ITAM, it was found that 20% of PCs were used at less than 50%. These resources were redistributed, which made it possible to avoid the purchase of new equipment in the amount of about 2 million rubles.

Company "B" — IT company. While working with ITAM, it was discovered that licenses for some software would expire in a month. Thanks to a timely response, the company avoided fines and work interruptions.

Implementation of ITAM is not a fashion trend, but a real necessity for any company striving for efficiency and saving resources. This is an investment in the future of your business that will pay off many times over.

Dear managers, do not put off the issue of implementing an IT asset management system. This is your step towards a more transparent, controlled and, most importantly, profitable business.

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