What are IT specialists hiding? Secrets of a reliable corporate network!

Hello, dear leaders! Today I want to share with you the best practices, as well as talk about typical mistakes that can become “traps” when creating and operating a corporate network.


Best practics

1. Planning and design

Detailed planning is required before a corporate network can be put into operation. Consider the company's current and future needs, forecast growth and potential changes in structure.

Example: A company planning to open branches in different cities should take this into account when building a network in order to easily scale the network infrastructure in the future.

2. Safety standards

Compliance with safety standards is key. Use protective measures such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, data leakage control (DLP) systems, and regular software updates.

Example: To avoid DDoS attacks, you should use modern solutions, such as cloud security systems and geo-distributed networks.

3. Scalability and flexibility

Make sure your network can respond quickly to change. The introduction of new technologies or sudden growth of a company should not cause problems with scaling.

Example: Use modular switches and routers, which will allow you to add new ports or functionality without replacing all the equipment.

Common Mistakes

1. Underestimation of risks

Many companies pay little attention to security until they experience serious incidents.

Example: Neglecting backups can result in the loss of important data during an attack or hardware failure.

2. Lack of monitoring

Without proper monitoring, problems begin to be addressed after they occur, whereas with a monitoring system, the vast majority of symptoms are reported before a problem occurs.

Example: Often, the failure of one of the servers may go unnoticed until a critical situation arises or the space runs out, but no one knows about it until the service stops.

3. Ignoring updates

Software updates don't bring new features so much as they fix vulnerabilities.

Example: An old version of server software may be vulnerable to hacker attacks, which can lead to leakage of confidential data or a complete stop of all services.

Building a corporate network is not only a technical, but also a strategic task. The right approach to planning, security, scalability and reliability will ensure your company operates smoothly and is ready for growth and change.

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